On "Drum Score Archive" you will find my drum scores and some bars of pure technique in relation to different styles of music.


    Scores have been written with two related softwares: oldest ones with Compositeur by Micro Applications, the others with Rhapsody, a lite Encore.
    Theses transcriptions represented a faithful interpretation of drum pieces of a song, according to my own capacities. To appreciate the whole subtle drummer's skills I recommend you to buy the CD, considering that it's more pleasant to listen to a song than a simple drum midi file.


    I gathered some bars that may increase your technique or your independence. To appreciate these bars they are provided with their respective sound MIDI file.


    Scores are available in Acrobat format (pdf). To read them, you've just to use the freeware Adobe® Reader® 6+ (see the link below).
    This site is optimised for the following browsers : MSIE 4+ and NS 4+.

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